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HOMES ‘N COOKING – Staging Completed

Rrmember the gorgeous Wind N Sea home we had last week that just needed some “make up” to make it ready to be PROM QUEEN! Well here is the “after shots” when staging was completed! Even the most gorgeous homes sometimes need different presentation! It’s totally different how you live as to how you live when you sell! That’s why I’m here!!

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HOMES ‘N COOKING – Carmel Valley

Beautiful huge house in Carmel Valley offers huge square footage and open foot plan. When price got lowered it immediately received two offer sadly for my client who was TOO late! Lots of movement in Carmel Valley if home is priced RIGHT…anything over 1 Million still a bit slow…

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In this interesting Real Estate Climate no matter HOW pretty a house is it’s still all about PRESENTATION! Just like a pretty girl likes make up a pretty house likes staging! Some colorful bedding, beautiful vases strategically placed, colorful plates and you make a house “shine bright”! This clip is PRE staging – next week AFTER staged!

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