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I just read an interesting article in our local professional Real Estate magazine stating “do attractive real estate professionals get more business?  Not necessarily?

Researchers in a new study appearing in the Journal of Housing Research investigated buyer’s overall impression of online property listings.  About 1,5000 home buyers took online audiovisual tour hosted by one of eight agents varying in gender, attractiveness and “pathos” – or how they enhance “the verbal description of the proerty with superlatives”, the study says.  Now I was an English major and doesn’t “pathos” mean sadness or sympathy?  huh??  Attractiveness of the agents was assessed by a separate group of research subjects.

Home Tours conducted by attractive females using “pathos” yielded the highest ratings overall.  Married buyers had a better impression of homes listed by attractive males using pathos than single buyers.  Again – huh?  And buyers without a college degree had a higher overall impression of homes listed by attractive females who avoided pathos than buyers with a degree.  Sign me up for that group!  Seriously not sure why “pathos” was the description but maybe I better dig deeper into the meaning of that word.  I much rather show off a home with happiness and joy in the video while describing all the GOOD features of the property.  Silly me but it seems to work really well in my business.


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