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Selling Your home during Halloween can seem daunting.   Most buyers have settled in and just waiting for the holidays!  However don’t be discouraged as I have always had a home listed in October and make it amazingly fun!  First of all is the agent caravan!  I bring in life size witches to greet the agents and serve orange and black food (when possible) – desserts are easy.  Black and white cookies are amazing and so is food color on dipping sauces to make them orange.  Be creative!  Halloween Open Houses are also a great idea.  Again drag that witch outside by the sign with a small bucket of “treats” –   Decorate the home slightly with decorations if the seller has none bring yours and take back home for next Open.  Orange Cookies in a tray will delight the kids and the decorations will give the house the look of a real home!  Make the brochures Halloween Themed so that house information is taken home.

Your can even plan a Halloween party for the neighborhood as you never know what neighbor has a friend that wants to move into the area.  Again the decorations are key and truly you don’t have to have a lot of them.  The larger the better as they stand out best.  I find witches are really fun to work with and only semi scary for the little ones.  Drug stores have great prices on Halloween decorations.    Utilize “trick or treating” and make up little bags with candy and attach a Halloween themed business card with photo of house and information.  Make it creative so the parents will keep it.  It’s truly in my mind one of the best months to market a house.  Let me know if I can help sell yours during October!  We’ll make it a fun yet workable adventure!


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