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At almost every Listing Presentation we are asked the same question.  Can you go thru our home and let us know what we need to do to make it more sale friendly?  Fortunately I am fairly good at this process and after many years feel completely comfortable assuring an owner that it’s NOT them or their home that is a problem it’s the premise that we are “selling space”!  Don’t get me wrong many homes are almost 100% “sale ready” but most are not.   When you have to navigate your way around furniture in a room the space has shrunk considerably!

We go thru life with large work out machines in our bedrooms, our family rooms, even the garage.  YES the garage can be a possibility but unless you are literally selling a GYM that machine in the bedroom needs to go!  I know it works well for hanging clothes on the handles of the Treadmill but after you “clean out” that closet you’ll have lots of spare room.   Another trick that’s a problem is stuffing everything in a closet that when opened will spill out at  buyer’s feet who is innocently looking at the closet space.  Not such a good idea.  And it has happened!  Having a pantry that is over run by expired cans of soup, yes again has happened.    If you really think about it clutter is a giant scream of chaos calling out to you.  Most of us (including me) just don’t think of decluttering  and organizing unless we are forced.  When you are getting ready to market your home it’s the forcing time!

Just take a good look from room to room and then start the process.  Do the dogs really need a dog bed in “every room”.  Remember when you go to your new home those beds can come out.  Is your coffee table stacked with books, magazine, candles, bowls.   Let me show you how you can make it a piece of art.  Are your kitchen counters piled high with spices, storage jars, vinegar etc.  It looks great to the home chef but those buyers that use their oven to store sweaters won’t “get it”.

So if you are ready to put your home on the market or just thinking about it all it , all it takes is one phone call to us and we truly can help!  Some clients that I just closed escrow with actually thanked me for showing them the tricks to make their “bed” look nicer.  Things that I take for granted as a professional can be hard for a client that is not into home decor!  We’re only a phone call away!

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Spring Cleaning and Declutering Ideas

From selling houses for many years I have seen my share of “clutter”!  It’s easy to work with a client to declutter their home because we are both excited to make the house look as open and fresh as possible.  However when I walk into my own house I think “well this would look differently if I was putting MY home on the market!  We have two dogs that we adore!  So much there are “duplicate” dog beds in at least three rooms of our house.  TWO beds in each room.  Well – there are two dogs after all!  So here are some ideas that will help declutter your house.  I have more – check next blog as don’t want to overwhelm anyone!

We put a chalkboard up on our kitchen wall.  It’s great when we run out of something, easy off, bananas, whatever.  We write it on the board and the next person going to the store knows exactly what we need. It works great!  If you have kids it would be very useful for school activities so everyone knows when to be on the hockey field!

A shelf in a kids room with baskets or colored plastic boxes works great for a place for hiding toys.  Plus it makes the room light up!  If you have a high couch or bed baskets are also a great storage area that can be “shoved” underneath the couch.  Take your camera equipment – lenses, filter, etc.  Stuff that you don’t every day is very stashable!

My kitchen is a mecca for organization!  I am a “home chef” meaning I own multiple sets of plates, tons of bowls, cook books galore, kitchen “Roosters”… you name it! I have a “restaurant style Stainless Steel” shelf,  See above – that works great!  I love the look it gives my kitchen.  Sortoff like its a William Sonoma store!  My favorite is the Fondue pot that I have never used and most likely never will.  Why do I keep it?  It’s cute!  If you have the room look online for “restaurant shelving”.    Its super easy to put together and again gives kitchen a great look!

If you are like me and tend to buy the same thing over and over because I don’t remember what I have.  Pasta for instance.  Get some glass containers and stick the pasta inside.  Not its airtight and will stay fresh.  I have this mysterious “tiny moth family” — the moths are tiny – the family is NOT!  I have cleaned the pantry – sprayed- hosed.  They just come back.  If they can get past the glass container the suckers can STAY here!

More ideas to come but these can get you started.  (and me- going to buy glass containers)

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