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We can’t say it hasn’t been an interesting year!  We as San Diego Coastal Homes have been blessed with having an amazing real estate year!  We couldn’t be more grateful for all our wonderful clients and the adventures we have gone thru with them!  Every home buying experience is an adventure!  Every home sale is a bit emotional and we navigate through the waters.   Understanding that a persons home is special and important to that seller!!    We try really hard to make transactions stress free as possible as purchasing a home should be a joyous and exciting time!  We have forged ahead with resolving foundation questions, truss cutting issues, and WHY WHY do people even think about cutting into trusses???  Termites eating their way from the ground up.  First time we had encountered subterranean termites.  Then we encountered it again!!!   Closing a transaction with clients that do NOT use the internet — driving for hours to make sure forms were property understood and signed.   People think this is an easy job – NOPE!  Yet what makes it easy is dealing with the wonderful clients we have and at the end knowing that we have served them well!!  I always try to do more than needed.  I am grateful that is more than appreciated!

The world is at an interesting time!  We seem to be regressing instead of going forward in how mankind treats each other.  So all we can do is be on the “winning” side and appreciate our country, our amazing veterans and service people that have kept and are keeping us safe, and that there is still more good than bad in the world!  Our election turned into a true reality show with many not liking either choice which is really sad.  Our foreign policy is dismal.  Everyday there is another disaster.   But the best way is to work together and instead of complaining try to do our best to make a difference.  Getting involved with some charity or organization that is meaningful to you.  I’m all about Veterans and hopefully can get more involved in 2017!

Of course every year is the same resolution – but this year I am going to TRY really hard to stay fit and healthy and stay away from life’s “noise”.  As a customer service expert I have to still focus on all that the profession of real estate brings – good and bad.  But to realize that all I can do is what I can do and that all the things I stress about are fixable!  It’s tough to be all about CLIENT SATISFACTION!  But no matter what it’s still my number one priority!!!   So HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WELCOME 2017!!!  We’re ready!

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