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As the holidays approach us the question always comes up “SHALL WE SELL OUR HOUSE?” or do we wait until Spring?  I always seem to be in an escrow during Christmas season so from my experience it has always been a good time to buy or sell.  My clients have often been relocation buyers and when they accept a job and have a great Relo package it is most certainly a good time to buy!  

Yes, the holidays can be a challenging time because of the decoration issue.  However there is always a way to shoot a photograph around a Christmas tree or a Thanksgiving table display!  I am never daunted by that challenge so don’t worry one bit about that aspect of selling during holidays!   Sellers that are putting homes on the market at that time are motivated.  They HAVE a place to go!  During the summer months sellers can be charmed by agents that want to “buy their listing” by over pricing.  During the winter months the comparable’s really set the price if a seller in truly interested in selling at this time.  YES, there will be less buyers, but YES they will be more interested in purchasing a home if they are looking during winter months.

Mortgage rates are still historically low – huge buyer motivation!  Homes during the winter also have a different kind of style and feel.  What is more attractive than a roaring fire in the fireplace and the smell of Thanksgiving or Christmas baking.  Houses can actually be staged to accommodate the feel of the holiday and make the house warm and inviting.  Open Houses take on an entirely different feel!  I LOVE a good Halloween Open House with goblins and witches!  If a family comes to visit we win by default if buyers have children!

There is always buyers and sellers!  Don’t hesitate to list your house during this time!  What better gift than a new home for the family!

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