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Growing up with a semi Cuban mother (born in Spain – raised in Cuba and Mexico) I came to appreciate Cuban cuisine immensely!  It’s tasty as it can be and most recipe’s are not super complicated.  I wanted to post the video that I did the other night that is being posted on HomesNCooking You tube channel!  So here is goes.  As I said you do have to COOK by taste a little bit when doing the seasonings as Cumin can be overpowering as cinnamon can be!  It’s worth it – as recipe is super yummy!  Dinner  party worthy!



1 lb  ground turkey – not the 99% fat free which tastes like cardboard.  Jennie O’s is great!

1 can crushed tomatoes – Italian style works

12 small green olives with pimentos stuffing

about 1 cup of raisins

5 garlic – smashed

Cinnamon, Chili Pepper, Coriander and Cumin spices

Cup of chicken Bone Broth or stock  (I love bone broth as its heartier)

Bananas – 1 per person

Brown Rice – cooked to serve four


In a large-ish skillet add some Olive Oil and when heated throw in garlic smashed cloves.  (Smashing produces better flavor than cutting – in my opinion)

When slightly cooked add turkey meat and start to saute stirring and breaking up the meat.

Add – a shake of Seasoning Salt (Lawry’s) and a Shake of Seasoning pepper.

Add – 1/4tsp (more or less) of coriander

Add – 1/4 tsp (more or less) of Cinnamon and Chili powder)

Add – about 1/2 tsp HEAPING  of Cumin.  I add a little more as I like the taste.

Add can of crushed tomatoes and start to – stir and stir blending all the flavors.


Add about 3/4 cup raisens

Add – about 12 crushed green stuffed olives- just pinch them with your fingers.  They won’t mind!

Add about 1/2 of the chicken bone broth and then add as needed.

You need to let this cook for at least 20 minutes to plump up the raisins and blend the flavors.  PLEASE taste and add seasoning if needed.

When you are ready for bananas – NOT plantains – cut in half and in frying pan with little PAM add olive oil and start sauteing.  Turn when brown on one side then sprinkle PURE MAPLE SYRUP on top.  Cook till brown.  THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!

You can serve additional for dessert over Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  Cuban Banana’Foster!  Muy bueno!    Truly a dinner party recipe that takes very little time!

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