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I was introduced to World Housing yesterday at a company meeting.  Being in the Real Estate Sales business we sometimes loose the fact that the homes we are selling are hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.  We sit in our homes, in our favorite chairs with our children or pets by our side, and we stress about the silly things that happened today.  The story of World Housing Communities tugged at my hear and I decided that I needed and wanted to get involved.

World Housing Communities believes that safe, secure housing is a right that everyone deserves.  They travel the world to find inspiring, lasting community building partners and work with them to do what they are great at doing.  The company I represent has made a commitment to get involved with this amazing and heart tugging project.  A new home means a new start and the beginning of a life with safety, security and stability.  Things that most of us have worked for and obtained in our lives!  Stating copy from their information – what grows from this is restoration of dignity and hope for the future.  Communities begin to thrive, bringing up a new generation of healthy, educated and inspired leaders for their community.

It does take a village to build a village, and I believe that because Tijuana is at our back door we can relate to helping even more.  We will be able to “literally” see the results of our help and contributions.  We can change lives!  I just wanted to share my recent experience and will continue reporting as this project grows.  I feel lucky that I have my life,m my clients, my friends and family!  I now have a new focus and a new community to be involved with and help to thrive.  Let me know if you have questions regarding the Tijuana Project.  Check out World Housing web site!  You’ll be glad you did!

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